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Oil-Tech AS is an engineering company based on employees with more than 15 years of experience from the Oil & Gas business. Our vision is to supply various industries with creative and flexible engineering solutions with the focus on the environment, less maintenance and longer working life.


This is where we give the ideas a foundation in the real world. Using our extensive experience and the latest software we can supply 3D models, animations, 3D prints, production drawings and work packages.



Strength, stability, fatigue, power, flow, pressure - if it can be expressed in numbers we can calculate it and write the report. If necessary we can even certify and test to prove the numbers are correct.



Equipment not performing optimally? Old equipment failing to conform to standards or regulations? Let us help you save money and the environment by modifying or refurbishing it instead of producing new.

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Before starting design projects it might be necessary to perform a survey to collect that critical information not otherwise available. Oil-Tech has competent people with the necessary certificates to perform this important task.


We take your idea and deliver you a finished product according to your requirements and relevant standards.


3D scanning is offered as a separate service or as an addition to our other solutions.

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Our goal is to reduce our overall carbon footprint. All our investments are evaluated with a high focus on zero emission. 
When designing new products, we are aiming to keep the weight down to reduce the need for steel. We always advise our clients to use Bio hydraulic oil. We intensely work with our clients to look for the possibility to re-use existing equipment, instead of building new which will extend its lifetime which consequently reduces the carbon footprint as well as project delivery time and cost. 

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